Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sea Fleur/ Madame Butterfly

These are my whimsical entries for the Catrin Welz- Stein challenge at Digital Mania this week. This  incredible artist has such a feminine sense to her art; always incorporating nature, symbol and myth to her work.  Please visit her blog which you can find in my sidebar.


  1. ...quietly magnificent! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred spirit!...(O:

  2. Wouaouh! They are impressive indeed!
    Another style that you're able to do!
    You're used to achieve all what you want dear Lori!

    (I've just gone to the Catrin Welz- Stein's blog, and I agree with you.
    Her art is very specific, awesome and delicate.
    She is such a talented lady. Her blog is in my sidebar now.
    Thank you for letting us know).

  3. Excellent, Lori! These are perfectly in her style, and in yours.

  4. Both are again exquisite art works in a unique style, my fav is the last.
    xox Anja

  5. Fabulous, so delicate with a mystic charm. You are indeed a talent artist, Lori.

  6. these are both so good! how can you manage getting 2 finished that look this good??! would love to know were you get your faces- database of old paintings??