Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earth Guardian

Happy Earth Day 2016!

 A day to honor our home planet and care for her creatures and spirit guides ( such as the Faeries). To follow their ways to a more balanced and natural lifestyle; one where we take and give back in sustainable ways.  A day to pick up trash, plant some seeds, recycle and honor our mother  with celebration and prayer!

Earth's body is not for sale
or rent.  She is real
and we are her estate.
But no body is property.
Not even God owns any of it,
but delights in its being its own.

An ancient forest is always
in a dynamic state, half
of its body actively growing,
half of it actively dying
these are the same half!

The other half is always
eating and being eaten
Trees live for two thousand years
and then are food for as long.
This is perpetual and holy communion.

Nobody owns the sacred.
Every body is sacred.
Pray for the future:
become an animal spirited
and glorious in your Earthbody.
Offer thanks when you lie down
with the trees.
                                 Alla Renee Bozarth


  1. poetic! grandious! Herrlich! P.

  2. A beautiful tribute to our beautiful home.

  3. Beautiful Lori thank you for reminding us just how fortunate we are and with that come responsibility.

  4. It is magical and the poem is a treasure!